What We Do

The path to justice for survivors of gender-based violence in Kenya is both long and difficult and, as a result, many women remain silent about their experiences. Read More..

This programme seeks to  contribute to the significant increase and  meaningful  participation of women in governance and leadership positions through public sensitization, community mobilization, working with political parties working with women themselves, working through smart networks, innovative use of ICT platforms and media advocacy. Read More

The program in both Narok and Isiolo Counties will focus on strengthening resourcing at County levels for more efficient provision of Sexual reproductive health (SRH ) and Maternal and Neo-Natal Health ( MNH) services.

The Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) is a feminist national non-governmental organization whose vision is a just and equitable global society. CREAW’s mission is to champion expand and actualize women human rights.

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Together we can change the story

We have helped and empowered thousands of women and girls in the society to ensure equality and opportunity.



Cases that we have supported women by providing Access to legal Aid, Psycho-social support, Medical treatment, reclaim and actualizing property rights.



Women Leaders have been mentored and trained and 24 of whom were nominated and elected at both County and National level.



Women and men have been successfully trained thus a drastic change in practice whereby men are now accompanying women for skilled deliveries. An average number of skilled deliveries have gone up from 8 to 20 per month.



Women champions have been trained and out of these 25 women are now sitting in health facility committees to articulate women needs e.g. facilitating budget planning where women’s SRH needs are prioritized.