Commercial sex workers are some of the most marginalized people in Kenya, often harassed by police and city council employees and forced to put themselves at enormous risk in order to earn a living for themselves and their families. We at CREAW believe that sex workers rights are human rights and act accordingly.

In partnership with Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Program (BHESP), CREAW is working to reduce harassment and discrimination against commercial sex workers. We work directly with sex workers to educate them on how human rights laws as well as Kenyan laws apply to them and support them to mobilize and act on issues of concern, aiming to create a more productive and less antagonistic relationship between themselves and both police and city council officials.

To date, CREAW’s assistance has seen 35 sex workers acquitted of unfairly leveled charges, created champions for sex worker rights within the police force and, through round table discussions and sensitization, significantly improved the relationship between sex workers and the authorities in five major regions of Nairobi.