Whilst SGBV affects those from all background in all areas of Kenya, there are some areas in Nairobi, which are particularly notorious for rape and sexual assault. To respond to this CREAW pioneered a rape red spot campaign, seeking to create a safer Nairobi city for women and girls by minimizing opportunities for sexual violence within the city limits. In partnership with UN Habitat and The Nairobi City Council, CREAW hoisted billboards, branded rubbish bins and branded bus stands at the globe roundabout, Kangemi, Makaburini, Serena, and Githurai, warning local women and those passing through, of these notorious rape red spots.

The success of the campaign resulted in Nairobi City Council re-claiming dangerous areas such the globe cinema roundabout, cleaning out tunnels and alleys that were until then havens for gangsters and putting up street lighting in areas identified as rape red spots.

As a result of this campaign CREAW received the mayor’s achievers and is looking to work with County governments and women leaders to engender crime prevention strategies and replicate this campaign in 47 counties