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The program in both Narok and Isiolo Counties will focus on strengthening resourcing at County levels for more efficient provision of Sexual reproductive health (SRH ) and Maternal and Neo-Natal Health ( MNH) services.

Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) – Isiolo

“Tunza Afya ya Mama na Mtoto” Project was launched in Isiolo with the purpose of increasing coverage and quality of Maternal Neonatal Health services. The project will provide a platform for health rights bearers (i.e. the community ) and sensitizing them on the need to hold the duty bearers (i.e. Ministry of Health, county leadership) accountable on […]

Sexual Reproductive Health – (SRH) Narok

The project aims to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) for women and girls in Narok County by addressing the gender inequalities that are sustained by social norms, beliefs, attitudes and cultural practices. With these, the project will be able to address the barriers of service of utilization at health and reproductive facilities by women and girls.