Nairobi Brain Trust Strategic Planning Workshop – Nakuru May 2013

The Nairobi Brain Trust (NBT) Network is a composition of approximately 20 organisations who work with vulnerable adolescent girls in Kenya. It was formed in 2008 to gather best practices in programming for adolescent girls and to create a community that could share ideas and practices. CREAW has been supported by the American Jewish World Service to implement this program over the last year.In the network are big and small organisations, all with a focus on progressing adolescent girls rights such as sexual and reproductive health rights, financial planning, social cohesion, education and gender based violence. These groups include TICAH, the Moraa Foundation, Fortress of Hope, SHOFCO, Eastleigh Pamoja, Binti Pamoja, KGGA, Heshima Kenya, Vijana Amani Pamoja, Chesire Services, YWLI and more.

In the first phases of the project, there was been a focus on community development projects that are largely income generating activities. While useful, the network wanted to have more of focus on our over-arching goal to enact meaningful change at a strategic level that translates into community change and tangible, long-term development.

It was critical to re-design the project into a more cohesive, impactful and strategic project.

Creating a Strategic Plan was important to provide focus and direction to our energy and resources, communicate to stakeholders and beneficiaries and hold the NBT accountable.

The refocused project will strengthen partnerships, scale up activities, work strategically to address root causes of inequalities, is results oriented, and profiles project work for greater visibility and impact. There will be a renewed focus on advocacy to progress adolescent girl’s rights in various spheres. A co-ordinated communications and media strategy will be put in place, giving a stronger opportunity to profile and work to mitigate the issues.

Our Strategic Planning Workshop to develop the Strategic Plan created a conducive environment for participation and input of members ideas, thoughts and proposals, encourage brainstorming and collaboration on key areas of focus. Partnership and movement building is critical in bringing about change, translating into a strong and vibrant network that works in co-ordination to lobby for change at National and Policy Level.

It helped us to gain clarity on the directions of our work and levels or methods of engagement, establish priorities, and agree upon the best way forward for the project that takes into account individual organisations own objectives and areas of work.

The Strategic Plan as developed through the Workshop will coalesce our vision and activities and provide the NBT with a roadmap to follow throughout the next phase of the project. We’ll report back on the important objectives and key activities from the Strategic Plan in our next update. For now, follow this link to see some pictures of our network in action during the Workshop.

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