Suluhiso ni Mimi (I am the solution) – GBV Murals

We have been exploring methods of communicating messages about gender based violence. With the help of Kueneza Arts, we’ve been painting murals with simple pictorial messaging in five locations in Kibera. Our Suluhiso ni Mimi (I am the solution) project is made possible by the generous support of the American people through USAID Kenya. The murals are in simple Kiswahili, and are educative, providing step by step details on how to respond and report appropriately after occurrences of GBV. The murals have greatly captured the interest of the community members whenever they pass by.
The creative approach styled at visual learning gives people immediate understanding of the reporting and referral process, and ensures the wider community can access information. The pictures are clearly set out with accompanying referral and contact information and use simple Kiswahili. Artists worked on the mural for two days, with assistance from school children and curious community members who gathered to watch.
This has also increased the visibility of the GBV project. Some of the comments received included; “USAID has come to Kibera, this is really good”. One man was heard saying “Mumetumaliza” meaning, “You have really finished us”. This was spoken in the context that now the community has been given information on what to do when they are violated, perpetrators have no escape and they are finished.
One mural was painted at Glory Secondary School, which CREAW has previously visited to run community forums for high school students. Children participated in the mural painting while a CREAW Outreach worker was in attendance to explain the themes and processes. The Deputy Principal of Glory was very pleased with the results, saying that; “The message will now sing in the hearts of everyone who walks past.”

Have a look at the photos from USAID Kenya here and our Facebook photo album here