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Activists ask court to dissolve Cabinet

A group of activists have moved to court seeking to have President Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s Cabinet, as currently constituted, declared unconstitutional. The petitioners argue that the five women in a Cabinet of 23 members violate the constitution’s two-thirds gender requirement. The petitioners, Marilyn Kamuru, Daisy Jerop and the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness, have sued […]

Court refuses to stop swearing in of new Cabinet nominees

Nairobi – The High Court has refused to block the swearing in of new appointees to the Cabinet following an application by a human rights watch group. The Centre for Rights Awareness and Education was denied the opportunity by Justice Joseph L. Onguto who stated that without first granting the Executive and National Assembly, who are […]

Land Mark Ruling – Two Thirds Gender Rule Constitutional petition 182 of 2015

Land Mark Ruling – Two Thirds Gender Rule CREAW filed this suit in the Constitutional court seeking declaration that the Attorney General and the Constitution Implementation Commission had failed in their duty to develop and present affirmative action legislation ahead of the August 27th 2015 deadline placed by the Supreme Court.