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Center for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) is a non-governmental organization working
towards actualizing women’s rights with a vision of a transformed, just and equal society where women
and men are able to exercise and enjoy their full rights and equal opportunities.
Established in 1999, CREAW’s mission has been to champion, expand and actualize women’s rights
across board. Today, CREAW’s work with the communities is geared towards increasing the knowledge
of communities to address the barriers that are detrimental to women ascension and participation in key
decision-making spaces. Within its programmatic focus, CREAW also works to strengthen the capacity of
county and national level structures to develop, review and enact policies that address inequality between
men and women through comprehensive gender mainstreaming strategies.
Under the Leadership and Governance program, CREAW is currently implementing the Wajibu Wetu
project aimed at enhancing women participation in political processes. The project now in its third year of
implementation, works to build the capacity of women leaders both in elective and non-elective positions
to effectively engage in decision making processes as well as agitate for the women agenda in all fronts
towards a wholesome and dignified life. Subsequently, of key importance has been the advocacy around
the actualization of the Two-Thirds Gender Principle as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010.
To better raise public awareness of our work around women representation in political governance,
strengthen partnerships and improve advocacy efforts in agitating for the women’s agenda, CREAW
seeks to engage the services of a qualified consultant to document our journey towards mainstreaming the
Two-Thirds Gender Principle. The documentation should capture the key milestones and challenges as
well as future directions towards actualizing the Two-Thirds Gender Principle.

  1. Overall Objectives

The overall purpose of the assignment is to document a clear and compelling narrative of the journey and
the efforts made by CREAW and other partners in advocating for the actualization of the Two-Thirds
Gender Principle.
Specifically, the journal will highlight:

  • The context of the women movement building in Kenya.
  • The onset of the two-thirds principle in the wake of the 2010 constitutional dispensation.
  • The court processes/actions towards actualization of the Gender Principle.
  • The various technical working groups proposed mechanisms on the realization of the Gender Principle.
  • The various Bills presented in both houses of parliament; Senate and National Assembly.
  • The various interpretation, reactions and challenges on the proposed legislative frameworks in the actualization of the two-thirds gender principle.
  • What are the current directions on the issues of realizing equitable gender representation across
    political spheres.2. Specific tasks for the consultancy

In order to achieve the envisaged objectives, the consultant under the supervision of the Executive
Director and with the support from the programs team will:

  • Develop and produce texts journaling the journey of the Two-Thirds Gender Principle.
  • Conduct key informant interviews with primary and secondary beneficiaries and actors targeted by CREAW in its women leadership work.
  • Collect information from the key programs staff directly engaged in the women and leadership program.
  • Review and analyse reports information to form part of the documentation on the Two-Thirds Gender Principle.
  • Produce relevant content and appropriate images.
  • Author and produce a clear and compelling narrative journaling the journey of the Gender Principle in Kenyan context.
  • Submit raw texts for review and feedback prior to publication.4. Methodology

The exercise will involve the review of program reports, key informant interviews with primary and secondary actors targeted by the program.

5. Expected Outputs and Deliverables

The consultant will deliver to CREAW the following:

  • An inception statement detailing how they intend to carry out the documentation; tools, work plan
    and budget.
  • Write-up on key issues of focus documented with well layout of the journal on the journey of the
    two-thirds principle.

6. Expertise Required and Qualification
To be eligible to apply, the consultant must:

  • Hold a degree or advanced degree in relevant field: Law, Communication, Journalism, Media
    Studies and Fine Arts.
  • Demonstrate experience in undertaking similar assignments by use of sample of completed work Comprehensive knowledge on gender sensitive reporting or writing.
  • Five to seven years of professional experience in documenting investigating and impact
  • Possess excellent communication skills in oral and written English, previous experience in
    documenting donor driven programs.
  • Clear articulation of capacity and skills, and innovative approaches to carry out the assignment; as well as a clear work plan and articulation of expected methodologies and outputs within the tight time-frame.
  • Ability to start immediately.
  • Proven experience working with regional/international organizations.
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize relevant information to the benefit of the organization

7.0 Duration and timings of services

The assignment is expected to take 10 days from the date of signing the contract.

How to apply:
Interested applicants are required to submit their proposal detailing their desired methodology to use,
proposed work plan, detailed CV for the lea consultant including summarized CVs of technical personnel
if any proposed for this assignment, professional fees/budget to be charged, availability and at least 3
work references or links of sample work you have successfully produced in the last 2-3 years.
All proposals should be submitted electronically in PDF format to quoting the
assignment tittle by close of business, Wed 12th September 2017 by COB.

Note: All materials to be developed under this assignment are property of CREAW and may not be cited
or reproduced under any circumstances