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Terms of Reference: Rapid Assessment Consultancy for a women leadership and governance programme in Kitui County.

Terms of Reference: Rapid Assessment Consultancy for a women leadership and governance programme in Kitui County.


The Centre for Rights, Education and Awareness (CREAW) is a non-partisan, non-governmental women rights organization that works towards a just and free society in which women and men exercise and enjoy equal and full rights and opportunities. Our Mission is to transform Kenyan society through the promotion and expansion of women’s human rights, rule of law and social justice. CREAW believes that social transformation can happen through a shifting of social norms and practices that curtail the realization of women’s rights. This is done through legislative and policy advocacy, activism, public education, public interest litigation and innovative research. The desired change should be evident in attitudes, knowledge, skills, and levels of awareness, behaviour and health at personal, family, communal and societal levels.

About the Gender and Governance Programme

Gender equality is not only fundamental right but a necessary precursor towards sustainable development. The absence of women’s voices in key critical decision making spaces manifests in the poor service delivery for women which stems from local development plans, budgets and monitoring systems which do not adequately reflect women’s interested and priorities. In Kenya, the progress towards women’s involvement in politics was initially very slow. Noticeable changes have only been observed within the last 10 years. Our continuous contribution to processes and movements that have secured gains for women in the Constitution have inevitably led to more women occupying decision making spaces at all levels of governance. In 2013 CREAW successfully supported over 40 women with technical skills and visibility platforms to enable them launch and manage competitive campaigns during the electoral period. CREAW’s support contributed to over 20 women ascending to various elected and nominated positions.

However, statistics shows that women make up 52% of the Kenyan population, but only 63 out of 349 Members of Parliament are elected women. No women were elected as governors or senators in the 2013 elections and only 88 out of 1,450 seats in county governments are held by women. This reflects a serious under-representation of women in governance and decision making structures. The program therefore intends to: strengthen the ability of women leaders in the target county to effectively contribute to the formulation of gender responsive policies, legislation and projects; design and implement strategies that support women leaders to take up appointive, nominated and elected Offices of leadership and authority; and, influence the development and implementation of laws and policies that create increased, actual opportunities for women’s participation in leadership and authority.


The rapid assessment will focus on establishing the issues that prevent women from capturing political leadership in the targeted county, as well as skills needs mapping for women leaders, with the aim of defining the contexts and getting informed options for next steps for women in Kitui County.

It will assess the political, community and other leadership structures and networks, and their potential to support the leadership and governance programme towards the objective of increasing the number of accountable and gender sensitive women `in political and non-political decision making spaces in Kitui County.


  1. Obtain an updated benchmark of political and non political participation and representation by women in Kitui at the county level.
  2. Conduct a gender audit of women in leadership at county government level in terms of numbers and positions held at the public service and in any local governance space including in the local committees in Muranga.
  3. Map key political and non-political decision making spaces that women can participate in Kitui County.
  4. Identify the Local governance structures that have low representation of women
  5. Obtain the gender disaggregated of both men and women compositions of/in these spaces
  6. Obtain and analyse the processes for access to the leadership spaces and if there are any challenges to the women.
  7. Key persons’ assessment of the spaces (prominent political/business/community women)
  8. 2017 landscape: how does it look for women leaders? Views from public/private/political/business/ women and men


The consultant to prepare the rapid assessment will work under the supervision of the Leadership and Governance Programme Officer, in cooperation with the relevant units at the CREAW Secretariat Office.

S/He should meet the following qualifications:

  • Expertise in conducting assessments and evaluation and related methodologies including data collection and analysis
  • Knowledge of the women and governance arena in Kenya
  • Experience in development projects covering both governments and civil society.
  • An advanced university degree and a minimum of 8 years experience.
  • Excellent Written verbal and communication skills.
  • Experience writing high quality evaluation reports
  • Fluency in English and Swahili will be an added advantage. 


Those interested should send curriculum vitae (C.V) a technical and a financial proposal to vacancies@creawkenya.org on or before 9th November  2016.